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I could sit here and write a long paragraph about the facts of Brazil such as it being the largest country in South America or the only Portuguese speaking country in the America's. But I will not bore you with the facts that you can simply find online. What I will say is that Brazil is a magical, sensual place that people dream of going to.

Whether you are a Soccer or a String Bikini fan, Brazil has it all. How would you like to escape your boring life to travel to a destination where the women on the beach basically wear their birthday suit to bask in the suns glory, or where flowers are so bright they almost appear to be neon signs beckoning you to come in and quench your thirst with a famous Caipirinha drink? 

I am sure you or someone you know has shyly asked the receptionist at a spa to give you the "Brazilian bikini wax". People in Brazil are proud, embrace freedom and have nothing to hide. This is one of the best places to visit because if you are confident on the beaches then you can be any shape or size, because the Rio De Janeiro beach culture rose up to be known throughout the world as confident, sexy and flirty. Hopefully you will win a sweepstakes to visit here or somehow obtain access to 2016 Summer Olympic tickets to Rio De Janeiro, either way, make sure this place is on your Bucket list!

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